Musoni added to CGAP Open API Dashboard

We’re pleased to announce that Musoni has been added to the CGAP Open API Dashboard, sponsored by the CGAP Open API Platform. This is recognition of Musoni’s commitment to enabling financial institutions and other third parties to easily integrate their own solutions on top of the Musoni platform. CGAP is a global partnership of more than 30 leading development organisations that works to advance the lives of poor people through financial inclusion. For more information on the CGAP Open API Dashboard, or to subscribe to the CGAP Digital Rails newsletter, click here.

At Musoni we believe that the future of digitalisation in microfinance will revolve around multiple different technology solutions working seamlessly together. For example, you may choose to integrate a mobile banking app into your core banking system, or a business intelligence tool such as BankBI. If your core banking system doesn’t make it easy to integrate, then it will be an uphill journey from the start. A recent report from the Belgium Development Finance Initiative (BIO) concluded that 13% of MFIs have core banking systems that cannot be connected to third party systems. For others, integrations require major (13%) or medium sized (33%) investments. Only 42% of financial institutions have integration-ready systems.

Musoni Open API

This is why its so important that Musoni has been designed to allow fast and straightforward external integrations using modern web technologies such as Rest APIs and Webhooks. Complete API documentation is available, showing detailed API calls for any action and providing example responses for all system functionality. Our development team is also on hand to provide on-going support through the integration process. More information on how to integrate with Musoni can be found on our Integrating with Musoni page.

We’re proud to have been recognised by CGAP for our commitment to open APIs, and look forward to supporting many more integrations in the future.

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