Our Story

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Musoni has over a decade of experience in helping microfinance institutions to digitalise their operations.  

Our Story

Our goal is to revolutionise the way financial services are delivered across the globe, and in doing so to improve the lives of the unbanked. Before starting Musoni, the team founded a microfinance institution in Kenya and were directly involved in operations. As a result, we have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to run a microfinance organisation and the challenges faced in finding the perfect core banking system. That’s why we started Musoni.  

We now support organisations around the world and have teams based in the Netherlands, Kenya and Myanmar. The lessons we learnt setting up and running a microfinance institution have combined with these global experiences. All of this has fed straight back into the solutions we provide. 

Awards & Recognition

As a result of pioneering new technology in microfinance, the Musoni team has won multiple awards. Since launching Musoni has been announced as a winner of the InclusiveFintech 50 Award, the Fintech Challenge Myanmar 2020, and as one of the top 200 global ‘Financial Revolutionists’. Previously Musoni won the Next Money OpenTalent Award and the BBVA Financial Inclusion Special Award. Most recently an MFI using Musoni was awarded “Fastest Growing Microfinance Company for 2020″ (Global Banking and Finance Award).

Over the last few years many international microfinance organisations and industry leaders have carried out independent research into the Musoni System. More information on all of these can be found in our blog. 

Global Experience

Musoni is used by over 70 organisations in 22 different countries, ranging from microfinance institutions, NGOs, SACCOs, rural banks and asset finance companies. This gives us an excellent understanding of the different ways that technology can be used to enhance operations, and how microfinance best-practice is ever evolving. We share these experiences with all of our partners through a combination of our MFI account managers, Musoni networking events and case studies on our blog. 

Integrating with Musoni

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Our Approach

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