Digital Field Application

The Musoni Digital Field Application is designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs for financial organisations by digitalising the core tasks typically carried out by field officers.

Seamless Integration

The Digital Field Application (DFA) integrates seamlessly with our core banking system, and is provided as standard to MFI using Musoni. The DFA mirrors the products, workflows, forms and fields of the core banking system. If an organisation adds a new product, or tweaks their loan workflow, these changes are pushed automatically to the DFA. This results in a very fast time to launch.

Case Study

In 2015 Musoni worked closely with Accion to carry out an independent case study into the Musoni Digital Field Application with one MFI in Kenya. 

This was the first rigorous study into the impact the DFA has had on loan officer performance, branch cost savings and improved client experiences. We’re pleased to say that on all three of these, the app has proved itself an unqualified success.

Key Findings
Business Case

Digitalising operations resulted in the MFI realising an increase in income of $86,620 in the first year. As a result of this, launching the Musoni DFA resulted in a positive ROI in under 12 months.

Improved efficiency

Using the Musoni Digital Field Application increased the case load per loan officer by 68% while simultaneously reducing turnaround time (TAT) from 72 hours to 6 hours.

Cost Savings

The MFI realised cost savings of $27,246 in the first year of launching the app, achieved by promoting data entry staff into other roles and reduced stationary/printing costs.

Improved client experiences

Faster loan disbursements, no need to provide photos or ID photocopies and reduced potential for fraud all resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients.

Musoni DFA Key Features

The Musoni DFA is designed to digitalise all of the tasks traditionally carried out on paper in the field. The core functionality included on the tablet application includes:

Client Management

View core client information. Register new clients in online & offline mode.

Group Management

View core group information. Create new groups. Add & remove clients to groups.

Loan Management

Create new loans for clients. Making individual repayments & deposits.


Make payments for all group members simultaneously.

Custom Surveys & Social Impact Measurement (PPI)

Create unlimited surveys to collect data in the field.

Generate Field Officer Reports

Key information at your fingertips.

Core banking System

Used by organisations around the world

Integrating with Musoni

Fast and straightforward external integrations

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