Mobi4Me integrates with Musoni

We’re excited to announce that Mobi4Me have successfully integrated their client banking application into Musoni, giving additional options to any Musoni MFI interested in offering mobile banking services to their end clients. The integration has been carried out on Musoni’s sandbox environment, enabling Mobi4Me to demonstrate the power of their application to any MFI using Musoni.

Mobi4Me is a mobile banking application white labelled for financial institutions in emerging markets. Mobi4Me’s goal is to solve the double problem of financial inclusion for customers and operational costs for financial institutions. The application is built on industry best practices, cloud-based and completely scalable. The team behind Mobi4Me used the Musoni open APIs to integrate the application with the Musoni core banking system.

Mobi4Me showcases their mobile banking application

End customers can view important marketing information, login, check their balances and next repayment amount and date and more(see screenshots below). Additional custom features will be quickly added based on the requirements of MFIs. Watch the video above for a quick overview of the Mobi4Me features.

France Barral, Mobi4Me’s CEO and co-founder, said: “we are thrilled to offer to Musoni’s clients a fully functional integrated mobile banking application with Musoni that can be quickly and easily deployed. We believe that end customers deserve immediate access to their finances, and this autonomy results in lower operational costs and a higher client satisfaction and retention for financial institutions”.

Speaking about the integration, Cameron Goldie-Scot, Musoni’s CEO said, “We believe that transparency is key to the future of financial inclusion. Mobi4Me’s excellent app makes it easy for any financial organisation to place key information literally into the hands of their customers. This integration with Musoni is easy to replicate, reducing the barriers for any MFI using Musoni and wanting to launch additional services for their end customers.”

This integration is part of Musoni’s platform approach. At Musoni we believe that the future of digitalisation in microfinance will revolve around multiple different technology solutions working seamlessly together. More information on other solutions that have been integrated with Musoni can be found here.

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