Musoni joins AMFIU to improve financial inclusion in Uganda

The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (often referred to as AMFIU) was founded in 1996. Since its inception, the association convenes once a year during their annual general meeting. Musoni is proud to have attended this year’s event held in Kampala on the 30th of June 2017.  Attending for the first time (since becoming a member), Musoni was acknowledged as a technology partner of AMFIU and Mr. Charles Kilibo – Musoni’s Country Manager in Uganda received the certificate of membership on behalf of the company.[testimonial_slider autorotate=””] [testimonial name=”2017 AGM Theme” quote=”Inclusive Financing for Inclusive Growth and Development” id=”t1″] [/testimonial_slider]

The AGM was officially opened by Hon. Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune, the State Minister for Microfinance. The Minister underscored the need for professionalism and customer centricity. He warned against fraudulent practices and reminded the members that the “Tier Four Microfinance Institutions & Money Lenders Act 2016” aimed at promoting legitimacy becomes effective on July 1, 2017. Certainly, there’s no gainsaying the impact of a robust microfinance MIS like Musoni with regards to transparency and efficiency.  [image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” image_url=”” delay=””] [/image_with_animation]

Also in attendance were representatives from some development partners of AMFIU including African Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), aBi Trust, and GIZ amongst others. aBi Trust and UNCDF made brief presentations about their interventions in Uganda, highlighting significant opportunities to partner with qualified AMFIU members. Following the presentations from AMFIU’s development  partners, it was time for the members to deliberate over the AGM’s main business. This was presided over by Mr. Wlison Twamuhabwa, the President of AMFIU. [image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” image_url=”” delay=””] [/image_with_animation]

Closing a series of presentations, the Executive Director of AMFIU presented the Annual Report highlighting key achievements and important events that took place in 2016. The Executive Director also addressed challenges in the course of 2016 and went further to present the association’s Annual Work Plan for 2017. Owing to a friendly environment, the event provided a great opportunity for networking and social interactions among participants. Meeting with the participants, Mr Charles Kilibo shared Musoni’s contribution to the financial inclusion landscape and how Musoni supports financial organisations to increase outreach and improve transparency at a lower cost.

Any organisation in Uganda looking to learn more about how Musoni can help them leverage the latest technology and reduce costs should contact Charles on +256772467463  or visit


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