Rubyx and Musoni collaborate to turn Data into value

We are pleased to announce the integration of the d6 platform from Rubyx with our Musoni core banking system. This is part of our Platform Partners strategy, where we integrate with complementary solutions in the industry to bring added value to organizations using Musoni. d6 is a complete cloud-based AI solution that enables operational teams to strengthen their own judgement with advanced data visualisation, client scoring and loan renewal recommendations. For a sneak preview of the d6 solution check out the video below.

The d6 solution automatically retrieves all client, loan, repayment schedule and transactional data. Organizational data like staff and branch information is retrieved through Musoni’s APIs. This enables d6 to immediately build up a complete picture of how an organization is performing. Client scores are based on the scoring strategy and parameters defined with the Microfinance Institution (MFI). All data is updated automatically on a daily basis.

Organisation Performance Overview within d6
Organization Performance Overview within d6

For many financial institutions it is difficult to assess the past repayment behaviour of a client automatically and at scale. This includes the impact of frequent partial payments, small delays on instalments or the different loan sizes of prior loans. With d6, all of this analysis is done automatically, and client scores are generated based on the instalment client behaviour. Clients are then broken down into different risk buckets. 

Scoring screenshot within d6
Client scoring and loan renewal recommendation within d6

With d6 in place, loan officers no longer have to manually work out which clients should be eligible for a follow-on loan, or how much they would be eligible for. The algorithm identifies which customers have existing loans coming to an end in the coming weeks. Based on the client’s risk profile, it makes a recommendation to the loan officer on who could be offered a new loan, and how much to offer them in the next loan cycle. Clients benefit from a pre-approved loan offer and no longer need to go through a manual, time-consuming application process. This automation leads to significant and immediate productivity gain.

An example of  an automatic loan offer within d6
An example of  an automatic nano loan offer within d6

With this integration, Musoni enables any organization using our core banking system to improve their lending operations. Powered by Rubyx, the system now has enhanced business intelligence and data analytics. Interested in learning more about Musoni or d6? Please get in touch with your Musoni account manager or email We’ll be happy to help. 

Speaking about the integration, Thomas Carrié, Customer Success, Rubyx said: ‘The partnership we have with Musoni on the d6 solution, will help microfinance banks analyse their customers’ behavioural data. This will help them to fuel their sales force, become more efficient and improve service quality. It will enable them to make the right decisions faster, offer new products like the automated renewal of microcredits, SME loans and nano-credit.’

Musoni’s CEO, Cameron Goldie-Scot, added: At Musoni, supporting digital transformation of financial services in emerging markets is a part of us. We are very pleased to have integrated with Rubyx to bring their powerful analytical tools to any organization currently using the Musoni core banking system. With d6 financial institutions can quickly reimagine their processes, reduce lending risk, improve efficiency and offer a better experience to customers. 


Rubyx offers a range of solutions to financial institutions, primarily in emerging markets. They push the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) way beyond smarter credit decisions. They have recently been selected to collaborate with CGAP to support a cohort of financial institutions. Their software-as-a-service solution for credit automation allows microfinance providers to digitise quickly and with minimum investment in their own technology.


Musoni is the leading digitalisation partner for microfinance institutions across the globe. We help MFIs to leverage the latest technology and digitalise their operations. The Musoni core banking system has enabled 70 microfinance and Financial institutions maintain a strong portfolio quality and grow their client numbers across 22 different countries and four continents. 

This integration has taken careful planning and execution as the needs of our customers continue to change.

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