Musoni System hosts the first Networking Event in Nairobi, Kenya

On June 22nd, Musoni System hosted the first networking event titled “Embracing Digital Transformation” in Nairobi, Kenya. This comes after 10+ years of successfully digitalising microfinance operations in Kenya. This event brought together some of the most brilliant and experienced people in the microfinance and #fintech sectors in Kenya.

Melissa Hoffmann, Musoni’s Head of Africa conducted the presentation for the guests with Elijah Tonui, Real People ICT Manager in attendance among other guests. During the event, Melissa highlighted that this was a great opportunity for the microfinance and financial institutions to interact and share knowledge on how to stay ahead of the digital revolution.

“Advanced core banking technology is vital to achieving business growth objectives and improving customer service. Musoni is committed to delivering exceptional solutions that are scalable and flexible. Digitalising back office services, implementing the Digital Field Application and integrating with relevant partners, reduce turnaround times to launch new offerings, enable innovation, and empower staff to improve on customer service,” Melissa said.

Aside from being an award winning core banking system, the Musoni System has enabled microfinance institutions to deliver rapid, responsive, and differentiated financial and social services to low-income and unbanked people in a way that they have never been able to do in the past.

Sander van der Heyden, Musoni’s Acting CEO, said; “I am very pleased by the reception our first networking event has received. It is key for us to have a two way communication channel with our customers in their digital transformation journey. Kenya has been a core growth region for the microfinance sector and we continue to focus on building relevant offerings and services in the region.”

We would like to thank all attendees, and the Musoni Team as without them the networking event  would not have been possible. Also, a thank you to the Unseen, Nairobi team who were active behind the scenes to ensure our guests were well taken care of. Thank you for your efforts and collaboration.

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