Juakali integrates with Musoni

We’re excited to announce that Juakali, the platform that helps MFIs digitize their business processes, has successfully been integrated into the Musoni core banking platform, making it easier than ever for MFIs using Musoni to adopt more advanced workflows alongside their daily operations. 

The integration has been carried out on Musoni’s sandbox environment, and focusses on an example debt collection workflow designed to showcase the power and potential of the Juakali solution. 

Example debt collection workflow in Juakali

The debt collection workflow begins when a loan falls into arrears in Musoni. Juakali will automatically send SMS or email notifications to the client in arrears, while collection officers using the solution are automatically assigned tasks such as calling the client or sending them a warning letter (depending on the stage of the workflow). Any interaction with the client can be recorded and is then pushed back into Musoni automatically. Juakali can also create tasks for users in Musoni, reschedule loans automatically, enter repayments collected by recovery agents and more. All of these steps can be adapted to each MFIs specific requirements, taking into account different types of customers, the loan amount, product type, number of days in arrears, or anything in fact. 

To see how this works in practice, watch the short video below:

Julien Mahuzier, Juakali CEO, explains how the Musoni integration works

The integration has been carried out using Musoni’s standard APIs and is already up and running on the Musoni sandbox environment. This means that any MFI wishing to get started would be able to hit the ground running and go live in just a matter of weeks. Juakali’s advanced workflow management tool is not restricted to just collection management. Any workflow that you would like to have more control over can be built for you, and then integrated back into Musoni. 

Speaking about the integration, Julien, the CEO of Juakali said: “We came up with this use case listening to our customers. Many institutions have not yet structured sufficiently their debt collection process and their MIS is not meant to do this job. This became all the more important with the current pandemic. It was quick & easy to integrate with Musoni thanks to its well-documented open API, modifying the pre-set workflow to adapt to any institution’s process would be a matter of days. We are already working on new use cases that could enrich the Musoni’s users experience.” 

Musoni’s CEO, Cameron Goldie-Scot, added: “MFIs increasingly want more control over their workflows and business processes. We’re therefore very pleased to have completed the sandbox integration with Juakali, giving more flexibility to our partner MFIs with a low cost, out-of-the-box workflow management solution. The debt collection use case is particularly relevant as many MFIs have struggled over the last year with higher PAR due to COVID-19 challenges.

This integration is part of Musoni’s platform approach. At Musoni we believe that the future of digitalisation in microfinance will revolve around multiple different technology solutions working seamlessly together. More information on other solutions that have been integrated with Musoni can be found here.

Company Information:

Juakali – Juakali is a leading tech provider enabling the field data collection and digitization of microfinance institutions’ business processes, so that they can get rid of pen & paper. Using Juakali, MFIs can automate valueless tasks, enhancing their productivity and lowering their risk. Juakali currently operates in 12 countries (in 10 African countries and 2 in Asia), working with some of the leaders of the industry.

Musoni – Musoni is the leading digitalisation partner for microfinance institutions across the globe, helping MFIs to leverage the latest technology and digitalise their operations. By using Musoni, microfinance institutions are better able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and grow their client numbers while maintaining a strong portfolio quality. Musoni is used by 70 visionary financial institutions across 18 different countries and four continents. 

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