Hayman Microfinance launch client mobile banking app on Musoni APIs

Hayman Microfinance have launched a client mobile banking app to support their 160,000 customers with a full range of financial services straight from their mobile phone. The app is integrated with the Musoni Platform using our APIs

Hayman have been using Musoni since 2015, and since then have grown to over 160,000 end customers. Hayman Capital needed a robust platform that could be set up quickly and easily. As a cloud-based system built on microfinance best practice workflows, Musoni was the perfect fit. Adopting a cloud-based system made it easier for Hayman to focus on growing their operations, avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and avoid worrying about storage, server maintenance or backups. Read more here.

In 2021, Hayman launched their client app to ensure they could continue providing core services to their customers against the backdrop of COVID-19 and major political unrest that made it hard to meet customers face to face. The team chose to build the app in house to ensure they had the full control over the app functionality and the client experience. 

Aside from giving customers access to core account information, the app enables anyone to apply for new loans, savings, or fixed term deposit accounts. Clients can track the status of the applications through the app, giving them full transparency over the process. Clients can view repayments on their account immediately, while the app also provides users with product & branch information, an online shop, push notifications and a ‘make a complaint’ mechanism. 

Launching the app was made easier due to the Hayman teams existing knowledge of the Musoni APIs. The team had been using Musoni since 2015 and already had experience using Musoni’s APIs to push/pull data into custom forms and even to carry out bulk rescheduling during the first waves of COVID-19. The Musoni team provided technical support both in the initial integrations and then in optimising the API calls being made after the app went live. As a result the app was developed in only three months. 

The app has recently been soft launched and already receives 1,000 separate logins each day, with customers focussing on uploading their KYC information. Speaking about the launch, Nanda Htoon, Hayman’s Head of IT, said: “the Hayman app has enabled us to offer more transparency and services to our customers, supporting our mission of further extending financial inclusion into rural areas while also providing a nice way to differentiate Hayman in a competitive market. Musoni’s APIs made it simple for us to integrate the app into our core banking platform. The extensive API documentation enabled us to pick up most of the work ourselves, but it was appreciated to have Musoni’s support team on hand whenever there were more technical questions.”

Over the coming months Hayman will add more functionality directly to the app, including an online marketplace and integrations with digital payment providers to enable payments to be made straight from the app itself. 

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