Témoignages de clients

Chez Musoni, nous avons la chance de travailler avec un grand nombre d’organisations fantastiques dans le monde entier. Nous vous présentons ici quelques-uns de leurs témoignages de réussite.

Good Brothers’ and Musoni System Impact

In just a short span of 12 months, GBS MFI has undergone a massive transformation. Partnering with Musoni System has completely reenergized our operations and made it more efficient. Their core banking system has catapulted digital transformation in GBS where we have seen a dramatic increase in the speed of operations and product deployment.

VisionFund Myanmar

Using Musoni ensures that Visionfund Myanmar can easily and efficiently manage their 350k clients, and loan portfolio of over $65MM. VFM have recently launched the Musoni digital field application to all 750 of their loan officers.

MicroLoan Foundation

MicroLoan Foundation have been using Musoni for over five years across Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Across the three countries they provide a range of financial services to over 92k clients.

Hayman Microfinance

Hayman Microfinance selected Musoni as their core banking partner in 2015 and have since grown to serve over 150k clients. Adopting a cloud-based system made it easier for Hayman to focus on growing their operations, avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and avoid worrying about storage, server maintenance or backups.

Proximity Finance

Proximity Finance, the dedicated agricultural finance specialist with over 230,000 end customers and a portfolio of over $50 million, uses Musoni as its core banking and digitalisation partner.


Tugende uses Musoni as a platform, integrating with their own third party solutions to efficiently provide credit to motorcycle taxis and other SMEs in Uganda & Kenya.

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