Tugende leverages Musoni platform to offer SME finance across Uganda & Kenya


At Musoni we’re lucky to work with a variety of fantastic organisations across Africa, from microfinance organisations and SME lenders to companies providing assets on credit. Tugende, whose name means “Let’s Go!” in Luganda, support motorcycle taxi drivers (known as boda-bodas) and other SMEs in Uganda & Kenya with asset finance and additional support like insurance and training. With Tugende, motorcycle taxi drivers can own instead of rent their motorcycles in 24 months or less. 

Ownership gives drivers financial security, allowing them to save money they would normally spend renting, and accumulating savings in the value of the paid off motorcycle. Payments are comparable to what drivers would otherwise pay in rent, and ownership significantly increases income and job security for drivers.

In 2013, Tugende started using Musoni to manage their operations in Uganda, and now manage over 20,000 active clients through the platform. In 2019 they expanded their operations into Kenya, again selecting Musoni as their digitalisation partner.

Integration with SalesForce CRM

Tugende use SalesForce CRM to manage their clients through the onboarding and training process to receive an asset finance package. To improve efficiency, they leveraged Musoni’s open APIs and fully automated the integration between SalesForce and Musoni. Whenever a client is created in SalesForce the core information is pushed directly into Musoni. Repayments and other loan activity that takes place in Musoni is equally pulled back automatically into SalesForce, ensuring the Tugende team have a single point of truth.

Digital Payments

Aside from the core system functionality, workflows and reports, Tugende also take advantage of Musoni’s integration capabilities to offer multiple digital payment channels for all of its clients, from telecom mobile money to merchant agent networks and agency banking. These digital channels enable clients to make payments via thousands of agents nationwide or from mobile wallets. The payments are automatically reflected in the Musoni System in real time, ensuring the Tugende team always have up-to-date information on their drivers. Tugende do not need to handle cash (reducing risk and overheads), clients can send their payments at any time, and cash risk is reduced for everyone.

In Kenya, the system is fully integrated with M-PESA, enabling drivers to make repayments over their phones, whenever convenient for them.

Without Musoni’s simple and effective platform, there is no way we could have grown this quickly. Their open APIs have made it straightforward for us to integrate our own solutions directly into the Musoni System. This has enabled us to launch new channels quickly, and deliver additional benefits for our clients. 

Tugende App for Drivers

As part of their ongoing work to provide a first class experience for their drivers, Tugende recently launched their own client application, providing their customers with a single digital platform to streamline all of their business with Tugende, including tracking their accounts, resources for support when needed, and multiple feedback channels to ensure Tugende continues to deliver exceptional client satisfaction. This app integrates into the Musoni System in real time, demonstrating how organisations can leverage our “platform” approach to offer additional services to their customers.

What's next?

Tugende have exciting plans to continue their expansion across East Africa and continue diversifying its asset finance products, while using the latest technology to optimise their own back office operations and offering new channels to their clients. At Musoni, we’re currently working with Tugende on integrating with their third party accounting system. Once completed this will automate the generation of their financial reports, and further improve back office efficiency.

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