Digital Financial Services for MFIs workshop in Nairobi

Many microfinance institutions see the benefits of going digital, as it has the power to lower transaction costs, open up larger geographies and deal in smaller values with lower income demographics. However, digital finance is incredibly complex and the operational challenges can quickly overwhelm MFIs. Furthermore, one of the intimidating implications of going digital is the amount of time and money required to do it successfully, meaning once you have embarked on the journey there may well be no turning back.

At Musoni, we have over 5 years experience guiding microfinance organisations on how to adopt Digital Financial Services. Time and again we’ve seen MFIs improve their efficiency and reduce their costs through intelligent use of technology. Therefore we’re very pleased to be speaking at the Helix Institute course on Digital Financial Services from March 14th to 19th. We will take MFIs through the technology journey (see below), and outline the common challenges and lessons learned during past implementations. We will shed light on the different technology options available in the market, how best to integrate these into your existing systems, and the corresponding costs.

Image 2

Who Should Attend?

Microfinance institutions, small retail banks and non-bank financial institutions with a focus on financial inclusion wanting strategic and operational insights into how best to harness the power and potential of digital financial services. The Helix Institute recommends 2-3 participants attend from each organization as experience shows that teamwork greatly improves strategy development.

See below for the full workshop brochure:

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