ASGB successfully deploys the Musoni Digital Field Application (DFA) for loan officers

ASG Bancorp Microfinance Limited (ASGB) have been looking for better ways to serve their clients through Digital Transformation as they aspire to be the most efficient and innovative microfinance institution in Myanmar.

Since launching the Musoni Core Banking System in May 2022, ASGB has continued to leverage Musonis’ digitalisation tools by implementing the Digital Field Application (DFA). The DFA is designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs by digitalising the core tasks typically carried out by loan officers.

The DFA has improved ASGB data quality, eliminated manual data entry and enhanced their operations, thoroughly delighting their clients because of fast turnaround times and increased transparency.

20 ASGB loan officers in 3 branches have been using the Musoni DFA to digitalise their field operations. As a result, the loan officers have managed to reduce 50% of the turnaround time, increased productivity and reached more clients with their existing resources. The DFA is configured in a tablet or mobile phone that loan officers carry to the field and perform tasks like client registration, loan application and collections in both offline and online modes.

Since the DFA is integrated with the Musoni System, any tasks and transactions carried out in the field automatically sync to the system making operations very easy. If ASGB adds a new product or tweaks a loan workflow, these changes are pushed automatically to the DFA resulting in a swift time to launch.

Moeko Sasaki, ASGB’s Managing Director, said, “The advanced capabilities of the Musoni core banking system is vital to achieving our business growth objectives and improving customer service. Musoni has provided higher scalability and flexibility to service our diversified clientele. The DFA will provide greater agility by consolidating disparate systems and reduced turnaround times, enable innovation to launch new products, and empower our staff to radically improve our customer service.”

Speaking on the deployment, Wai Zin Kyaw Naing, Musoni’s Head of Digitalisation said, “We are delighted to power success at ASGB in their journey of technology-led business transformation. The resounding success of this initiative will go a long way in ASGB gaining market leadership in the region.

About ASGB: ASG Bancorp Microfinance Limited (ASGB), as part of the Asia Sustainability Group, was founded in 2016, and provides individuals and entrepreneurs in Myanmar with useful and affordable financial services that meet their needs in the way they need and when they need. Our vision is to become the most efficient and innovative microfinance institution in Myanmar and provide the best service, most flexibility and most client-orientated financial services.  

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About Musoni: Musoni is the leading digitalisation partner for microfinance institutions around the world: We help organisations improve their efficiency and extend their outreach through a variety of fintech solutions. These include a cloud banking system, digital field application, mobile payments module, and client banking app. We have over a decade of experience and now support 70+ organisations in 25 countries. We take pride in our hands-on and personalised approach, with local teams in the Netherlands, Kenya, and Myanmar.

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