Musoni as a platform

Integrate your own solutions, systems & delivery channels straight into Musoni using our open APIs

In the last five years new digital financial services have been launched, internet connectivity has become more ubiquitous and smartphone ownership has risen. Customers now expect to be able to interact with their financial organisation online, through their phone or through agent and ATM networks. Lending decisions are increasingly automated through credit bureaus and credit scoring. Banks and MFIs are looking at new ways to use technology to expand their services into new markets, and to retain their competitive edge.

While Musoni already includes a lot of this advanced functionality as standard, we also make it easy for you to launch your own services and integrate your own delivery channels directly into the system. Musoni therefore enables you to continuously innovate, keeping ahead of customer expectations and the latest trends in the market.

Musoni Platform

Integrating with Musoni

Musoni has been designed to allow fast and straightforward external integrations using modern web technologies such as Rest APIs and Webhooks. Complete API documentation is available, showing detailed API calls for any action and providing example responses for all system functionality. Our development team is also on hand to provide on-going support through the integration process.

If you’d like to learn more about how Musoni can help you launch your own services and integrate with different delivery channels, please email

Case Studies

We work with organisations who’ve linked custom client on-boarding applications through SMS and tablet apps, integrated external loan appraisal tools, integrated with USSD menus, Salesforce, mobile money applications, custom front-ends and more. To learn more about how some other organisations have taken advantage of the Musoni platform to rapidly launch new services click here.