Musoni Customer Stories

At Musoni we’re lucky to work with a variety of fantastic organisations across Africa, from microfinance organisations and SME lenders to companies providing assets on credit. Here we bring you some of their stories...

EBO SACCO (Uganda)

“Musoni is one of the best systems linking financial inclusion and microfinance. I would definitely recommend Musoni to any organisation looking to use advanced technology as an enabling factor for growth.” (Joseph Mugume, EBO SACCO CEO)

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Microloan Foundation (Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe)

“Technically, we wanted a system that fulfilled all the requirements and a partner that was understanding of our needs. We understood that choosing a software provider was the start of a long-term commitment and so we wanted someone who would support us through the ups and downs of the relationship. Musoni has absolutely delivered on this.”  (Peter Ryan, Group CEO)

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CoReACS (Philippines)

“Musoni is a fantastically user friendly core banking system. Having a cloud based system has made it easy for us to easily expand without worrying about complicated infrastructure or set-up costs. The system is also very flexible, enabling us to launch new products at the press of a button.”  (Peter Ryan, Group CEO)

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Inclusive Financial Services (Zimbabwe)

“We’ve experienced significant improvements in our operations and data quality due to the flexibility of the Musoni System and an amazing support team. The support team responds quickly, helping us to organize our work and making using the system a pleasure.”  (Gerald Zhou, CEO)

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Hayman Capital (Myanmar)

“It is an amazing growth for us. We’ve accomplished this in less than 3 months. Without the Musoni system it would have been difficult to reach these results. The Musoni System is really good for lending operations because it has very simple steps starting from client registration to disbursement.”  (Janibyek Makhsat, COO)

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Virl Microfinance (Zimbabwe)

“Our data quality has improved significantly, and the detailed portfolio reports have made it easier to make long-term lending decisions. The advanced features of the Musoni System enable Virl to expand into rural areas far faster, and at lower cost, than previously possible.”  (Virginia Sibanda, CEO)

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Musoni MFI (Kenya)

“We leverage Information Communication Technology (ICT) heavily to manage our operations. We started with cashless banking, and now also have paperless operations. It makes it easier for us to reach the unbanked in rural areas whether there are no brick and mortar branches or teller systems to serve customers.”  (James Onyutta, CEO)

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Mama Bahati Foundation (Tanzania)

“We have seen a lot of improvements since we started using the technology. Data quality has really improved and it has helped us be more efficient and more productive. The use of mobile money transfer has cut down the risk and operating expenses and helped MBF to be able to go far into rural areas, up to 100km from the office.”  (Japhet Makau, CEO)

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Neema HEEP (Kenya)

“Working with Musoni has enabled us to reach clients in far flung areas who otherwise would not receive financial services, in addition to minimising risk and saving time for group members.”  (Pattedy Nyagah, CEO)

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Rafode Logo Customer Stories

Rafode (Kenya)

“We have benefited exceedingly since we started using this technology. Our productivity has increased as the system is very user-friendly. Our data quality has improved and this has greatly reflected on our reports, guaranteeing transparency to our stakeholders and clients.”  (Antony Mayodi, CEO)

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Tugende (Uganda)

“Without Musoni’s simple and effective system, there is no way we could have grown this quickly. Not having to stress about cash is huge, but so is quickly being able to look up any customer or any lease in the system.”  (Michael Wilkerson, CEO)

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