Beautiful user experience with the Musoni app

By February 18, 2015Blog

Over the last  months, we have been working on some updates to the Musoni app.  Apart from increasing the overall efficiency of MFI’s, the Musoni tablet app provides a beautiful  user experience, as you can see from the screenshots below. The benefits of the Musoni app cannot be over emphasized, enabling loan officers to register clients and complete the loan application process in the field. The screenshot below shows the homepage of the Musoni app, which a field officer would see when first logging in.

The Musoni app can be used both offline and online mode. When in online mode all data is synced automatically with the system in real time. In offline mode, information is stored on the device to be uploaded to the system later in the day. This makes it possible for field officers to operate independently of their branches, improving the quality of  the data captured in the system and increasing efficiency in general. Below you can see how you might capture client details in the app (all fields are customisable by the MFI itself).

Or enter a loan application directly from the field. So far the app has been used to register over 30,000 clients and has processed a similar number of loan applications.

The app can also be used to run reports, giving field officers the information they need to manage their clients and groups without having to visit the branch or carry around bundles of paper.

If you would like learn more, request a demo and we’ll be in touch.