Code for Good Challenge

By November 28, 2013News

Over the weekend of the 16th November we were thrilled to participate in the JPMorgan ‘Code for Good’ challenge.

Over 100 technology students from all over the country were given just 24 hours to solve real technical challenges presented to them by four social impact organizations, including Musoni.

We had five fantastic teams working on our challenge, and in spite of the exhaustion that must have set in around 0500 in the morning, all of them delivered great results.

None-the-less, there had to be a winner, so congratulations to Musoni Team 2020 who delivered a working app enabling loan officers to register clients and groups in the field and gave a fantastic presentation to top it off!

Amazing achievement in a short space of time! We had a great time and can’t wait to get involved in the next one.

Thanks to JPMorgan for organizing a phenomenal event.